Filmposter zu „2 Become 1“ aus MTR verbannt!

Wie kaijushakedown gestern gemeldet hat, wurde das Poster zum Film 2 Become 1 aus Hong Kongs U-Bahn – der MTR – verbannt. Der Film mit Miriam Yueng behandelt das Thema Brustkrebs, und das Poster ziert ein nackter Frauenkörper, dem eine Brust fehlt.


Hong Kong’s subway system, the MTR, is ridden by the most delicate people in the world. How else to explain the MTR’s history of banning movie posters they think will upset their riders? My favorite case was their ban on a poster of a ghost riding the MTR for Ann Hui’s VISIBLE SECRET. You’d think the MTR would love the implication that even dead people need to get around and that for the stylish and discerning spook nothing was better than the MTR. But no, they were worried their riders would be terrified at the suggestion that they might be sharing their precision personal space bubble with the living dead.

Now the MTR has banned the nipple-less poster for TWO BECOMES ONE, the pun-happy title of the new Miriam Yeung movie about breast cancer. The original title was MOURNING FOR THE BREAST which was a little too downbeat and depressing. I mean, breast cancer isn’t a country-flavored hoe-down with an all-you-can-eat buffet or anything but I’m glad to see that this flick might not be taking the position that losing a breast is necessarily followed by shaving your head, rejecting the material world, and entering a nunnery to die a sad and lonely life.

Miriam Yeung says that she’s bummed by this decision and thinks the poster is perfectly fine. The Hong Kong press, never shy about asking the important questions, asked if the naked body on the poster was hers.

„I hope I was her too! If I had that alluring figure, I wouldn’t mind flaunt it on a movie poster. Unfortunately, my body isn’t that perfect, so it would be unwise to display.“

Give her some points for being good-natured about what may be the stupidest question of 2006.